Let your 21st century education ideas take root with solid collaboration tools from Cultivate21.

Root combines real-time collaboration tools and Cultivate21’s proprietary project design templates for educators who have been trained in Project-Based Learning, STEM/STEAM, and 21st Century Education by Cultivate21.

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Root is Cultivate21’s online collaboration dashboard that supports our member educators in the creation of solid PBL and STEAM PBL units by providing the design templates for PBL, STEAM PBL, and STEAM Design Challenges.

The Cultivate21 online templates give every educator the tools needed to develop a well-rooted standards-based project that allows students to use 21st century skills to become real-world creative problem solvers.

Educators gain access to real-time feedback from Cultivate21 as they develop their ideas, as well as the ability to submit and search completed units within Root for project inspiration and resource sharing.


“I would not have been able to create the Solar Oven project without the confidence that I got from Cultivate21 and the frameworks/templates that were provided.”
Sarah Wieser,
Pike County Schools (GA)
“I had a lot of good ideas, but I didn’t have any idea how to put them down into a format that the students could then use and understand. By going through this process, now I can use these templates for my planning to help my kids get the outcome that I am looking for.“
Greg Waites,
Pike County Schools (GA)
"Cultivate21 gave me the confidence to start planning a PBL, providing the right tools and a manageable direction to make the process successful for students and myself!""
Caroline Blumenshine,
Jamestown High School (ND)

Root provides every educator with the right tools needed to effectively grow ideas into creative and innovative PBL units for today’s 21st century classroom. This online experience will enhance and support the professional development and pedagogy provided by Cultivate21 by creating a continuous feedback loop for unit creation, as well as the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by other Cultivate21 Root members within the Root community.

Grow strong projects with Root. Root provides the resources and the collaboration to grow innovative projects for the 21st century student. Transform the way you deliver your curriculum with Root by Cultivate21.